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10 Beautiful Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

10 Beautiful Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you love things fantastic and mythical, we have something for you. Would you like to look like a forest fairy or a forest nymph? If so, you need to go through some lavender ombré hair color ideas! This ombre color trend gives your hair a gradient effect. The top of her hair is dark but fades into a lighter shade towards the bottom. And when you combine the color lavender with an ombre effect, magical things happen! The gradient effect makes your hair livelier and gives it more depth and dimension. This will make your hair appear thicker and more voluminous. You look like a surreal princess from another realm!


In this article, we have added a lavender ombre tutorial to help you achieve it yourself. Scroll down to see some mystical lavender ombre ideas and DIY tips.

10 Beautiful Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

1. Silver Toned Lavender Ombre

The list starts strong with this ombre on golden brown hair with a lavender shade and silver undertones. The almost silver-grey hue of the lavender gives it a cool gunmetal effect. Style this ombre with a short bob and super defined curls to complete its chic look.

2.Dusty Lavender Ombre

If an ombre with a defined fade line doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for one that fades gradually along the length of the hair. The rich amethyst tones of this lavender ombre add a dusty effect to the whole look. The subtle copper streaks and wavy style allow the lavender to show off even more.

3. Lavender ombre top to bottom

You know what they say about hair color looks: you either go big or you go home. And, baby, you’ll be larger than life with the lavender ombre hair look that looks like it’s straight out of a graphic novel. The subtle gradient from a rich purple hue to a soft lavender hue looks absolutely gorgeous on a sleek, straight-cut bob.

10 Beautiful Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

4. Dip Dyed Lavender Ombre

If you just want to add a pop of color to your chocolate brown hair without going over the top, then a subtle ombre effect that focuses on the bottom third of your hair is a great idea. The dip-dyed ends of this soft lavender style look even prettier as they begin to fade. And it looks prettier when styled into a long bob with wispy bangs.

5. Dark pink to lavender

I understand if you don’t want to go for an ombre with a defined fold line where the two colors blend into each other. In this case, a dusky shade (a subtle ombre shade, got it?) with a subtle fuchsia-pink to lavender gradient would be a better option for you. The inverted somber effect is further enhanced by the hairdo featuring an edgy short bob and dramatic curls.

6. Silver Fox Lavender Ombre

Get ready for a two-toned glamor with perhaps the prettiest lavender ombre style known to man. This inverted ombré from matte silver to bright lavender is great for a silver fox inspired hair look. This style looks stunning on super long hair layered over a boho chic outfit.

7. Cotton Candy Lavender Ombre

Was it your childhood dream to look like a purple and pink cotton candy princess? Then find out here how you can fulfill it. Dye your hair in a three tone ombre look, ranging from ice blue to lavender to pastel pink. The tones in this look blend so seamlessly that it looks like they’ve grown naturally from her head.

8. Smokey Lavender Ombre

Tones of ash blonde and muted lavender mingle in this gorgeous ombre style that’s made to last. This cool toned balayage ombre exudes a dark and mysterious vibe that may be subtle but is guaranteed to not go unnoticed.

10 Beautiful Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

9. Kool Aid Lavender Ombre

Remember how it used to be a great idea to dip dye your hair with Kool Aid juice packs? Well, this ombre style tries to recreate the same look. And if you already have blonde hair, you don’t have to bother bleaching it! The gentle lavender creates a pretty dip-dye effect that’s easy to touch up.

10. Dark Lavender Ombre

If you prefer a dark and alluring look, this dramatic lavender ombre look is for you. This nearly all-over ombre style starts high on her hair, leaving only her roots in her natural shade of black. The curls this ombre look is styled with add even more dimension to it.

To sum up, lavender ombre hair color is a captivating and bewitching choice that can turn your look into something magical. Whether you go for a subtle fade or a bold two-tone effect, lavender ombre will add depth, dimension and a touch of whimsy to your hair. From silvery lavender to dusty pastels, there are numerous options to suit different tastes and styles. Whether visiting a hairstylist or trying it yourself at home, lavender ombre is a stunning choice for anyone looking for a unique and mystical hair color transformation. So go ahead, embrace the fantastic and embrace your inner fairy with a gorgeous lavender ombre hair color.

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