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15 amazing brown to blonde hair color ideas

15 amazing brown to blonde hair color ideas

Blonde highlights are the most popular color for brown hair. And since the advent of the bronde trend, a mix of brown and blonde hair, the craze for blonde highlights on darker hair has only increased. You might assume that blonde highlights are just one type. But no, there are many highlight options, such as babylights, lowlights, face-framing highlights, somber and ombre. Adding blonde highlights to your brown locks enhances the look, depth and dimension of your hair. Read on to discover the 15 elegant brown to blonde color combos plus a DIY tutorial that will show you how to add blonde highlights to your hair! scroll down

1. Caramel Ice Cream Latte

This blonde and brown hair look satisfies all of our morning coffee cravings. The deep espresso roots have melted and taken on lighter coffee tones, ending with the light latte froth that all coffee lovers love. The multicolored look adds dimension and texture to fine, straight and wavy hair.

15 amazing brown to blonde hair color ideas

2. Cool maple balayage

This root drop/balayage is one of the best styles we’ve seen. The deep brown tones blend seamlessly into the pale baby blonde. The sweeping balayage effect of this look has been perfected so well, we can’t imagine how it could get any better.

3. Cool Blonde Ombre

The contrast of this look is so high, but the blending is so well done. The deep brown hair fades into a gorgeous light blonde, creating the perfect ombre. If you have dark hair and prefer ombre over balayage, this might just be the style for you.

4. Thrilling platinum

This style is so smooth that our eyes can’t seem to focus without slipping. The transition from a dark brown to a cool shade of platinum was definitely done by an expert. We love how even the platinum is, without any warm tones.

5. High contrast balayage

Talk about contrast. This deep balayage has been expertly blended into an almost platinum blonde shade. The hair on blonde takes on lighter shades of brown in the mid-lengths to achieve the perfect fade.

15 amazing brown to blonde hair color ideas

6. Balayage with dimension

The dimensions of this style are magical. The blonde is heavier towards the ends and near the facial areas. The color has been applied delicately, creating texture and dimension. This is one of the best styles to wear if you have fine hair.

7. Blonde Gloomy

We haven’t seen a better frame than this style. The caramel blonde is heavier near the framing sections of hair than near the back or ends. The color is rich and warm and has a beautiful melting effect.

8. Almond Toffee Crunch

This hair looks so good we almost want to take a bite out of it. We love how the artist left much of the natural color alone and started fading past the mid-lengths of the hair. The fade starts higher up near the framing sections of hair and progresses down as you go around the back.

9. Clear definition

We love this style. The artist avoided creating a high-contrast look by starting the balayage fade right at the roots. The natural brown underneath this blonde color creates a gorgeous low light effect and adds depth to the style, while the multi-toned blonde adds volume and dimension. This style is perfect for women with fine, straight hair.

10. Melt caramel

This warm caramel brown is the stuff dreams are made of. The deep roots have faded to a warm caramel brown that fades into a caramel blonde. The result is so seamless that it creates a gorgeous, sun-kissed look.

11. Blonde Root Enamel

Cool Melts are our favorites. This gorgeous melt transitions from deep brown roots to lustrous blonde tones. The fade starts very high up near the roots and the two tone blonde adds dimension making this style perfect for fine hair.

12. Latte Fade

We love our caffeinated hair as much as we love our caffeinated drinks. This balayage looks so authentically hand painted. We love each other. The beautiful rich brown fades to a baby blonde and provides the perfect contrast.

15 amazing brown to blonde hair color ideas

13. Shiny Ice Melt

We can’t even begin to imagine how shiny this melt is. The cool brown hair tone fades to an icy platinum tone that gives us creepy goosebumps. We can’t get over the flawless transition making this one of our favorite brown to blonde looks.

14. Melted Mocha

Coffee lovers, you can’t ask for anything better. The chocolate and coffee tones of this style create the perfect mocha blend that we can’t take our eyes off of. The deep roots quickly take on blonde hues, creating a hand-painted balayage masterpiece.

15. Dimensional Blonde

Two-tone blondes are one of our top favorites. This style nails the brown-blonde look with its natural highlights of brown that quickly fade to a two-tone blonde, adding dimension and volume. This style is ideal for fine hair.

In summary, combinations of brown to blonde hair colors offer a stunning and versatile range of looks. Whether you prefer a subtle and natural blend or a high-contrast balayage, there are endless options to explore. From caramel and latte tones to platinum and mocha blends, each style adds its own unique charm and emphasizes the dimension of your hair. These brown to blonde hair color ideas are sure to turn heads and add a touch of elegance to your overall look. So if you are ready to transform your brown locks into a gorgeous blonde masterpiece, you should try one of these amazing color combinations and enjoy the beauty and versatility that it brings.

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