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15 brunch outfit ideas to express your mood

15 brunch outfit ideas to express your mood

There are no limits to experimenting with brunch outfits. If you’re a party-goer, you know the joys of a lavish Sunday morning brunch and lazy siesta. But we promise the outfits you can flaunt are just as fun. You can customize the outfits according to the season and your preferences. From classic to sassy, you can try them all and express your mood with these interesting outfits. We’ve rounded up some chic and flattering ideas for your next brunch. Keep scrolling

15 brunch outfit ideas to express your mood

1. Denim playsuit

Brunch with the usual group at a corner table? A ritual your girl gang always looks forward to? Here’s a fun outfit to suit you – the denim playsuit. An interesting variant of the usual jeans, skirts or shirts, which will meet the needs of casual wear and at the same time be stylish. Pair it with white shoes, a crossbody bag, a trucker hat and square sunglasses for a good dose of street style.

2. Ripped jeans and white blouse

That’s the best thing about brunch. You can be a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Confused where this is going? Ripped jeans at their finest with a sophisticated silk blouse, sexy clutch bag, tied up beachy waves and subtle smoky makeup – tell me where else you can put it all. Go for yellow pumps or the color of your clutch and a rose gold shoulder bag.

3. Trench coat and beret

You know some people wait for Christmas all year—that’s me for fall brunch. Pumpkin spice latte, trench coat, tan boots and even a beret. In my opinion, an outfit or a season cannot get any better. You can create monochromes with tan, black, or white and complement them with a few colors to make them stand out. Finally, always wear round sunglasses because they will never let you down!

4. Polka jumpsuit

Your girls plan to go all retro, or is that your spirit animal? Get back on the polka dots train, cliche as it may sound. This puts you on trend almost instantly while the jumpsuit keeps up with the style. The flattering belt that accentuates the waist is a great idea to balance out the wide leg. Even if your jumpsuit doesn’t have a belt, it’s a good idea to add one. Heels with ankle straps and hoop earrings complete this look perfectly.

5. Mini skirt and belted blazer

Here’s another classic yet chic outfit for a fall brunch date. It’s minimalist yet complete, effortless yet put together, subtle yet classy—basically, it defines a brunch outfit. A fun fashion trick when pairing bodycon skirts is to pair them with bodysuits that will give you great definition without looking sloppy. Ankle or knee high boots with a semi-casual blazer are the solution.

15 brunch outfit ideas to express your mood

6. Little black dress

The beauty of a little black dress is that you can wear it to a party at the club or to brunch. You can rotate it any way you like. With black accessories, shoes and a bag you can keep everything minimalist and monochromatic. Or you could give it a bohemian touch with silver jewelry, a stole, chunky boots and animal print sunglasses. You can even create a chic street style look with a fun trucker hat and an oversized bomber jacket.

7. Colored pants and leather jacket

An outfit that is perfect for all last minute plans. You can whip up the entire look in less than 5 minutes. This proves that investing in versatile pieces like an oversized leather jacket, colored pants, etc. goes a long way. You can tuck in a white and black t-shirt, tank top or crop top and put on a leather jacket. White shoes, a tote bag and beachy waves complete the look.

8. Embroidered jeans and cardigan

Add some fun to your otherwise everyday denim with patchwork, embroidery or fringes. Brunch is an excellent opportunity to enjoy them. You can simply wear a plain white t-shirt or combine it with a silk blouse and a chic jacket. A matching clutch is a great idea. Combine these with a fun pair of boots, pumps or sandals to complete your look

9. Black jeans and turtleneck sweater

If it’s just another Sunday ritual with your significant other or best friend, remember that a pair of simple black jeans and a turtleneck make a good brunch outfit, too. Add definition to your outfit with a stole, pashmina or sleeveless bomber jacket or oversized jacket. Which shoes you wear depends on how you ultimately design the outfit.

10. Plaid shirt and flared jeans

Flared jeans and plaid shirts, just like in the ’90s? Yes, please. This is a relaxed but not uninteresting look, especially if the night before was a little too fun. Tie your hair in a bun and wear these aviator shades to fully embrace the ’90s.

15 brunch outfit ideas to express your mood

11. Ruffled top and denim skirt

Some are of the firm belief that denim skirts are outdated, but that’s relative and there’s a way to deal with them to stay relevant. Pair the skirt with a ruffle top and white sneakers for a perfect millennial look for your brunch outfit.

12. Sweater dress and boots

For some of us it is very difficult to give up one-piece dresses in winter – and that is why sweater dresses are the right choice. Secure them at the waist with a wide belt, matching leather boots and a camel jacket for a warm winter brunch.

13. Tracksuits

Most days if you’re like me, and some days like most people, tracksuits are all we need. Instead of sloppy old tracksuits and oversized tees, opt for a matching set that includes cute pants, a crop top, sneakers, and high bangs to look casual and stylish in equal measure.

14. Tiered midi dress

Greet the first Sunday brunch of summer with a tiered lace dress, beachy waves and a bamboo bucket bag. Wear platform shoes and nothing else – you can’t go wrong with these.

15. Black slit dress

We all have one of these in our closet, right? A relaxed long black t-shirt dress. Perfect for a leisurely lunch!


The rules for the brunch outfit can be discussed. You can adapt your outfit according to the seasons and your preferences. Let’s look at some of the most popular brunch outfits of all time that you can rock. Check out the infographic below.

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