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19 bohemian style outfit ideas

19 bohemian style outfit ideas

The bohemian style of clothing emerged among the hippie travelers around the 1950s/1960s and has gained a significant place in the fashion world. These travelers who invented this style took inspiration from all the places they visited and incorporated them into their looks. If you are also looking for ideas for a boho outfit, you have come to the right place. Today in this article we are going to discuss this style and tell you all the details about it. All you have to do is stay put and read this article in its entirety. So, without further ado, let’s get started. Let us take you on a beautiful journey that will help you master bohemian style clothing like never before. light up!

19 bohemian style outfit ideas

1. Long maxi dresses

Maxi dresses alone give you a million ways to keep up with the bohemian vibe. Colorful prints such as paisley, floral, flowy, geometric and eclectic prints will further define your look. Match them to the occasion with a statement necklace and/or bandana, gladiator or pompom sandals and a giant finger ring. You can also put on a printed denim vest or a fur jacket to complete your bohemian outfit.

2. Short dresses

A short kaftan or a flowy dress made of hand-woven cotton or linen fabric makes a perfect bohemian outfit for women. Add long, oxidized silver jewelry, feather earrings, pompom accessories, and nude boots.

3. Long skirts

Long printed skirts with paisley or floral prints paired with a simple tank top, floral headscarf or floppy hat and maybe a pair of boots if you like (or wedge heels) are all fun choices that truly express boho. Take it a step further and wear a plaid or flannel shirt cinched around your waist to complete your festival-inspired style!

4. Maxi Skirts

If you’re just getting into the bohemian trend and want to take it slow, start with maxi skirts—or the latest style of knotted maxi skirts. They add a natural, earthy vibe and look super chic, more boho-chic, making them the perfect option for hippie-style clothing.

19 bohemian style outfit ideas

5. Harem pants or what some call hippie pants

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of anything boho or hippie style is harem or dhoti pants paired with a tank top, scarf, headpiece, loose wavy curls and a frayed leather bag . There’s just no need to try hard with this bohemian outfit.

6. Boho-chic tops

Tank tops with a paisley print, shirts, bobble tunics and ruffled off-the-shoulder dresses with maxi skirts or dhoti pants fit perfectly with the wanderlust trend.

7. Bohemian style evening dresses

Bohemian style evening dresses are very different from the usual fast trends. So when you think of an evening dress, it won’t be your typical little black dress or sequin dress. Anything that is flowy, cascading, long or printed will give you the boho look. Needless to say, add some statement jewelry to the bohemian dress to complete the look.

8. Flared or patchwork patterned jeans

Jeans with flares, fringes or patchwork are considered boho. Wear a simple shirt, tank top or tunic and add layers like scarves or vests to complete the boho outfit.

9. Overalls

You know a bohemian woman when you see one. Printed jumpsuits in rustic colors and their undertones are a convenient way to add a bohemian touch to your everyday attire. Braid your hair or adorn it with a bandana and apply bronzer and eye makeup to take it to the next level.

10. Bohemian Printed Kurtis

There is so much you can do with kurtis. Your best choices are hand-woven kurtis with old-style prints like Ikat, Pochampally, and Baltic, which will give you the perfect bohemian look. Combine them with bohemian accessories to underline your style.

19 bohemian style outfit ideas

11. Denim or fur jackets

Complete your bohemian outfits with a layer of denim or fur vests/jackets to go the whole hog. Especially denim jackets with patchwork, Suani embroidery and floral patterns are just too perfect.

12. Camel colored boots

When it comes to boots, camel-colored shoes with patchwork or frayed edges of any length give your outfit a boho charm.

13. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals, especially those with pompoms, are modern yet mystical—just how boho chic should be. The

14. Tribal and chunky jewelry

Just add a chunky statement necklace, large finger ring, silver nose pin or septum ring and see the difference it makes to your outfit. You don’t have to wear everything at once, but one piece at a time can transform you into a remarkably bohemian girl.

15. Hats

Floppy hats are one thing and an integral part of hippie fashion statements. A pair of shorts with a tunic, camel-colored boots or gladiators, a frayed leather handbag and a floppy hat – a summer outfit that screams boho.

19 bohemian style outfit ideas

16. Bandanas or floral hair accessories

Here is another hippie style that has found its way into fashion. It not only saves you from a bad hair day but also makes you look effortlessly boho.

17. Hippie handbags

Afghan Kutch work bags or large purses and leather bags with used effects in purple or brown complete your look. Picture this – a long printed skirt, gladiators, a headscarf, brown lipstick, feather earrings and a shoulder bag. It doesn’t get more boho and chic!

18. Scarves

As we have discussed, the best way to add boho elements to your outfit is to add layers and wear flowy and voluminous outfits. Add a geometric printed scarf to jazz up your outfit in an instant, as it also gives real vintage vibes.

19. Oversized sunglasses

You’ve probably noticed that oversized and round sunglasses are all the rage these days. And you guessed it right – they also bring the boho vibe with them. So add that to your list.


Simple, comfortable, stylish and creative – the bohemian style is really adorable. No wonder it was popular from the start and will no doubt continue to be so in the future. And if the above outfit ideas have inspired you, we would like to share some awesome facts about this style with you in the