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20 Surprising Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You'll Love To Try

15 Surprising Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You'll Love To Try

When you think mahogany, you think pure, rich luxury. A popular shade of wood known for its reddish-brown hue – it’s no surprise that hair dyers have found a way to mimic this color on our hair. The mahogany brown hair color is known for its elegant and vibrant hue. It adds depth and dimension to your hair while making it look incredibly shiny. Its deep, rich hue lets you experiment with color without looking too loud. And it’s one of the few hair colors that suits all occasions and seasons. Whether you’re going to a business meeting, relaxing with friends, ice skating in winter, or lounging on the beach, your mahogany hair is on point! To help you achieve your mahogany hair dreams, we have listed 20 incredible ideas to help you dye your mahogany hair.

1. Mahogany Dream

I get it. I understand that coloring your hair can be extremely daunting for you. So why not start with a more natural color? You could keep the natural dark brown color of your roots and opt for a subtle mahogany ombre towards the tips to create an absolutely dreamy hair look.

15 Surprising Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You'll Love To Try

2. Mahogany on fire

When it comes to hair (and heart), sometimes it’s best to go all out. A great way to achieve this is with this glossy mahogany look. While the deep mahogany tone serves as the base, it is accented by bright copper streaks to create a fiery effect.

3. Grapevine Mahogany

Ahh… is there anything better than sitting back and relaxing with a glass of red wine at the end of a long day? I do not think so. So show some love for what you love to do at the end of the day by trying out this hair look that is a stunning mix of mahogany and purple.

4. Mahogany Sunset

Aren’t you amazed by the beautiful colors that light up the sky at sunset? Paint your hair these exact colors by going for this gorgeous hair look. The gorgeous mahogany hue has been balayaged with a dusty pink center to mimic the sun setting in the dark at dusk.

5. Dusty Rose Mahogany

Want to look like an unconventional desert princess dancing her heart out at Coachella? Then you absolutely must check out this gorgeous hair look. The gorgeous mahogany hair has been highlighted here with a dusty brown shade and styled in textured waves to create a soft and romantic hair look.

20 Surprising Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You'll Love To Try

6. Peaches and Mahogany

If one color is leading the way in hair color trends this season, it’s peach. And why shouldn’t it? This subtle shade of orange suits all skin types perfectly. This ombre look with mahogany on top and peach on the bottom is a stunning mix of colors.

7. Rose Gold Mahogany

Let’s be honest. We all know that metallic shades are rocking the hair fashion world right now. Rose gold of course! This mahogany based paint job has been highlighted with gold streaks below to create a beautiful blend of wood and metal tones.

8. Chocolate Mahogany Swirl

What happens when you mix two strong shades of brown together? A thing of beauty. And that’s exactly what you get when you have a dark chocolate base accented with subtle stripes of mahogany to create this sophisticated and understated look.

9. Mahogany Waterfall

Who doesn’t want to look like a mystical being? A forest nymph maybe? Well, you can live this dream by trying this gorgeous hair look. This bold solid mahogany look creates the effect of a waterfall of auburn cascading down your back.

10. Mahogany grove

There’s a reason hair coloring is the most popular hair coloring technique right now (and probably for a long time to come). That’s because it adds the most stunning dimension and movement to your hair. For example, this mahogany lacquer look is reminiscent of the rich dark brown tones found deep in the heart of a forest.

11. Mahogany subtlety

Subtlety is an art. And that’s even more true when you’re creating stunning hair looks like this one. This mahogany balayage blends so beautifully with the dark brown base color that the effect it creates is very natural. The subtle blink-and-you-miss element of this look is what makes it so awesome.

15 Surprising Mahogany Hair Color Ideas You'll Love To Try

12. Mahogany decoction

Have you ever noticed the stunning shades of orange and brown that swirl in your cup as your tea bag hits the hot water? Because that is the inspiration behind this hair look. This mahogany-based style has been accented with pops of red and orange to create this whimsical look.

13. Mahogany Gloss

So you don’t want to color all your hair? That’s okay because I have an easy fix for you. Just add touches of purple and mahogany to your naturally dark brown hair. When sunlight hits your hair, it shines in a symphony of rich colors.

14. Mahogany Brunette

Do you want to look absolutely sophisticated and classy with your next hair look? I’ve got your back! This mahogany hair look has been subtly highlighted with tones of ginger red and brown to create an elegant brunette look that still has a youthful appeal.

15. Fiery Red Mahogany

Girls, just because you want mahogany hair doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your light hair dreams. Here’s a super pretty look for you to try. You could opt for red toned mahogany painted over a dark brown primer to achieve that delightfully fiery look.

In summary, mahogany hair color offers a luxurious and vibrant option for those who want to upgrade their hair with rich tones. Due to its versatility and ability to blend into all skin tones, mahogany can be customized to create a variety of stunning looks. From natural and subtle variations to bold and fiery combinations, there are endless possibilities to explore. Whether you go for a classic mahogany shade or experiment with creative blends, the result is sure to be a stunning hairstyle. So why not try one of these surprising mahogany hair color ideas and take your hair game to a whole new level of elegance and sophistication?

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