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Eye make-up for loopy eyes: a step-by-step guide

Eye make-up for loopy eyes: a step-by-step guide

The make-up of loopy eyes requires some knowledge and experience, since the crease of the eyelid is not visible with this shape. In addition, due to the limited upper eyelid area, makeup easily smudges. Therefore, conventional techniques can make the eyes appear smaller than usual or puffy. In this article, we discuss clever tricks to create elegant and sharp makeup looks for googly eyes. To give you a head start, we’ve also put together an easy hooded eye makeup tutorial. Continue reading.

1. Prepare your eyes by priming your lids

Start with a clean canvas. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and then apply a moisturizer. Apply an eyeshadow primer to both eyelids. After eye foundation, you can use a light concealer to cover under-eye circles or pigment spots.

Eye make-up for loopy eyes: a step-by-step guide

2. Identify the type of your eyelid crease

This will help you understand how to create the illusion of a crease that makes your eyes stand out.


  1. Lost Zone


Look for the lost zone of the eye – the hidden part of the eyelid in the center of the eyes. Always apply makeup for the lost zone along the lash line.

3. Zone found

These are the inner corners of the eyes and the tails of the eyes that are normally visible. Apply the makeup above the lash line for the found zone.

4. Create a basic shape

Use a light brown eyeshadow to create a simple, neutral base. Start at the tear duct and blend it along the entire length of the eye with a blending brush. Make sure to create a triangular shape at the corner of the eye.

5. Apply eyeshadow to the upper lid

Apply the eyeshadow to the tip of the eyelid with a wide brush. It is best to apply makeup with your eyes open as it can be difficult to find your natural crease with your eyes closed. Avoid putting makeup on the hood area as it can make the eyes look puffy. You can increase the color by blending more eyeshadows. You can also use a crease brush to create a soft or bold crease and apply color to the corners. Repeat this process on the other eye as well. Use a cotton swab to remove excess product or stains.

Eye make-up for loopy eyes: a step-by-step guide

6. Apply the gel liner

To apply the gel liner, follow the guidelines on the lost and found zones. For more definition you can use a soft brown or darker gel liner. Apply eyeshadow along with the eyeliner to the outer corners of the lower lids. This prevents smearing. Another way to prevent smudging is to use a long-lasting, waterproof liquid eyeliner for loopy eyes.

7. Use an eyelash curler

Try to curl as many eyelashes as possible with an eyelash curler. If necessary, lift the hood cover with a tool. You can also gently pull the lid up with a finger, as some people may find it uncomfortable using a tool on their eye. Move from the corners to the center of the lashes. Make sure you’re fully curled for a natural look.

8. Use false eyelashes

Make sure the false eyelashes match your natural eyelashes. Instead of using the entire lashes, cut them into smaller sections. Even single lashes can complement and flatter your eyes. Apply eyelash glue to the entire surface of the false eyelash and attach to the lash line. Start at the outer corner of the eye in the area found. This makes the eyes look bigger.


Since the edges of the lashes are covered, be sure to attach the false lashes carefully. You can even try the trendy fox eyes by using lashes only on the outer corners of your eyes. This gives drooping eyelids a sensual touch.

9. Apply mascara

Finally, apply mascara as it will help blend the false lashes with the natural ones. Hold the wand of mascara vertically to cover the lashes on the lower eyelid.

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