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How to look naturally beautiful without makeup

How to look naturally beautiful without makeup

Tired of putting makeup on every morning to look pretty? There are times when your skin needs a break. Makeup is an art and a fun way to highlight your facial features, but you don’t have to rely on it to define your beauty. If you have even one of these elements mixed up, the effects will inevitably impact your health, fitness, overall appearance, and well-being. Let’s check out the tips!

How to look naturally beautiful without makeup

How do you look beautiful without makeup?

In all honesty, it’s all about what’s inside you and how well you take care of yourself. Yes! You need to pay attention to essential aspects of your diet, habits, lifestyle and skin care. If you have even one of these elements mixed up, the effects will inevitably affect your health and overall appearance. Let’s check out the tips!

1. Eat your way to glowing skin

The phrase “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more apt. Eating a nutrient-dense diet is a foolproof route to healthy skin. Be sure to add fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseeds, walnuts, and vitamin-fortified foods like oranges, sweet potatoes, and squash are a must. This also includes high-protein foods like eggs, chicken, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, and cottage cheese. A wholesome diet alone will keep you glowing and healthy from the inside out by giving your body everything it needs.

2. Drink lots of water

We cannot stress enough the importance of H2O. Every system and function in our body depends on water. Carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go and stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will help flush toxins from your body, leaving your skin looking plumper and more vibrant. It also helps keep wrinkles at bay.


The best way to drink water is to fill a bottle with cucumbers, lemons, zucchini, mint leaves and other colorful veggies and prepare your detox water to drink on the go. This way, you get the nutrients and hydration that help your body use and retain water more efficiently.

How to look naturally beautiful without makeup

3. Sleep in peace

A good night’s sleep goes hand in hand with how you look and feel. This is important because your body repairs itself while you sleep. Just as you need to charge your cell phone, your body needs to charge itself, and going through the day on a 50 percent battery level only creates extra stress and inefficiency. To keep you looking and looking good when you wake up, 6-8 hours of good sleep is essential. This gives you a radiant complexion, less dreaded dark circles and slows down the aging process. The skin produces new collagen during sleep. Don’t let anything in the world get in the way of you and your beauty sleep!

4. Be aware of the ingredients

Ingredient-conscious beauty is one thing. Yes! Just as what you put into your body affects your overall health, what you put on the surface also affects your overall health. Your skin absorbs 60 percent of the substances you apply. So, be sure to educate yourself about the ingredients that go into your skincare, haircare, and beauty products. Stay away from products that contain parabens, petrochemicals, and sulfates, as these can irritate your skin or make your hair dry and frizzy. It is best to stick to products that contain natural ingredients.

5. Exercise for healthy skin

Physical activity is vital to both your physical and mental health. Do whatever is important to you, whether it’s going to the gym, running, yoga or swimming. It’s scientifically proven that exercise benefits your skin and improves your mood. At least three hours of physical activity per week will improve your health. It improves your blood circulation, helps get rid of toxins, increases the amount of oxygen delivered to your skin, provides an endorphin boost that reduces stress and calms your entire body including your skin! However, if you go to the park for a run, never forget to wear sunscreen.

6. Make sunscreen a must

Sun protection is not an option. The sun’s UVA, UVB and UVC rays are the main cause of premature skin aging. If you follow this one simple step, you’ll thank yourself in the future. It helps prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The sun protection factor (SPF) or “sun protection factor” determines how well the sunscreen protects you. Dermatologists recommend that you apply at least SPF 30 before going out.

7. Stick to a consistent skin care routine

You need to know your skin type and find a skin care routine that works for you. The CTM routine, which cleanses, tones and moisturizes, is essential for healthy skin. Which products you use for this method depends entirely on your skin type. Follow a consistent morning and evening routine and we guarantee you will see a drastic improvement in your complexion. Also, under no circumstances go to bed without thoroughly cleansing your skin. You will only cause your skin a whole host of problems. Use hand cream and body lotion on your hands and legs.

How to look naturally beautiful without makeup

8. Exfoliation is key

Make exfoliation an important part of your skin care routine. It is indeed the key to glowing skin. Your skin is constantly shedding dead cells from the surface, which helps in replenishing it with fresh and healthy cells. Support this natural process with a mild peeling. An excess of dead cells on the skin’s surface can lead to clogged pores, blackheads, acne and pimples. When you incorporate exfoliation into your regimen, your serums and moisturizers are better absorbed by the skin, making them more effective. Opt for gentle scrubs or create your own natural scrubs at home using ingredients like chickpea flour or a coffee scrub. Limit exfoliation to a maximum of twice a week. You will notice a visible improvement in the health of your skin – it looks fresher and smoother.

9. Relieve the stress

In today’s modern lifestyle, we all have crazy schedules and stress is a given. However, uncontrolled stress can lead to problems like headaches and high blood pressure. It can also lead to acne, hair loss, and hair graying. These are just some of the serious consequences of stress. Even if you can’t completely avoid bills, work, your life and the stress that comes with it, you should find a way to deal with it. Meditate, sip a nice hot cup of tea, listen to music or just make time for whatever you love. Take a tranquilizer every now and then!

10. Drink green tea

There’s a reason green tea is so popular with health enthusiasts. Perhaps the healthiest drink out there, it’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that are incredibly beneficial to the body. It contains “catechins,” a form of antioxidants that prevent cell damage. It improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and improves your skin’s health. The ingredient EGCG (a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate) found in this tea also aids in weight loss by reducing fat absorption. Make a habit of making green tea!

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