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Makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner

Makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner

If you’re looking for a way to make small eyes appear bigger with eyeliner, your search ends here. We agree that the eyes are not only the window to the soul, but also the key to a perfect makeup look. Well-defined eyes can accentuate your features, even if you wear minimal makeup. Some are gifted with big doe eyes, while others rely on makeup to achieve the look they want. If you are someone with smaller eyes, don’t worry because you can get lighter and bigger eyes too. If you have eyeliner (gel, pencil or liquid), read this article to learn how to use it to define your eyes and give them a wider look. Swipe up!

Step 1: Wet your eyes

Start with moisturized eyes and groomed eyebrows. You can use concealer and/or powder to hide your under-eye circles. to accentuate your look. I didn’t use any of these in these pictures as I’ve been sleeping early for a few days.

Makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner

Step 2: Apply Eye Primer

Apply an eye primer. This is an optional step. I prefer the application as I have oily eyelids. This increases the durability of the eyeliner/eye shadow and prevents premature wrinkles from forming.

Step 3: Mix in the primer

Mix the primer well. This special eye primer from Makeup Academy looks almost transparent after blending.

Step 4: Create a bow with eyeliner

Take the eyeliner and draw a rough line of the desired thickness. I used the Maybelline gel eyeliner and drew an arcuate line with the thin eyeliner brush.

Step 5: Fill in the Space

Use the same thin-tipped eyeliner brush to fill in the space you created. I don’t use a thick brush because I want the line to be very precise and thin on the inner corners.

Step 6 to make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner

In the step above, you can now see that the outside corner is not that thick compared to the inside corner. In fact, it’s more of an arcuate line that we’ve formed. So I took a thick eyeliner brush and increased the thickness of the eyeliner in the outer corner of the eye to make the makeup stand out.


The thin brush used here is the Basic Care lip liner brush; I use it to apply eyeliner to small eyes. The thicker brush I used here is from Faces.

Step 7: Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line

Using the same brush, apply the eyeliner inward to the lower lash line, starting where the liner ends at the outer end of the upper lash line, to form a V-shape.


You don’t have to do much to beautify your eyes. You don’t need to extend the liner on the upper lash line as we don’t want to create a dramatic look; Simply sweep across the bottom and form a “V” pattern. This makes your eye make-up look really eye-catching!

Makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger with eyeliner

Step 8: Stop at some point

Follow the same eyeliner line, remembering that you don’t need to thicken it in the inner corner of the eye. As you notice, I kept the tear duct area almost clear. I didn’t extend it on the lower lash line because it looks very dramatic to me. I used a pencil eyeliner instead of the gel eyeliner for this step as I’m more comfortable with it. It helps brighten the eyes and create a more open effect. I used the Lakme Absolute Ultimate Kajal Eyeliner.

Step 9: Curl and apply the mascara

Nothing more; Just curl your lashes and apply mascara. I used the Basicare Eyelash Curler and the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara. Nothing can lengthen your lashes quite like a hair curler. It provides a glamorous and dramatized effect that intensifies your look. Use a good long-lasting mascara to lengthen your lashes and brighten up your eyes.

Bottom line when you make your eyes appear bigger with eyeliner


As you can see in the images above, a few clever eyeliner strokes can make a world of difference. You don’t have to worry about your small eyes as they are easy to manage with a few basic tips. If you are a beginner it may feel difficult at first as your hands need to be stable, but with enough practice it will soon become easy. Follow these simple tips on how to enlarge small eyes with eyeliner and say goodbye to all your worries.

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