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The 10 best fashion bloggers to follow this year

The 10 best fashion bloggers to follow this year

Fashion blogs have been around since the early 2000s, and so have fashion bloggers. But today, blogging is a whole new ballgame. Even though fashion blogs are at an all-time high, we can’t argue that social media platforms like Instagram remain the biggest forum for driving traffic to fashion blogs. But we’re not complaining because it made our life doubly easier. It’s a hashtag game out there, so we’ve been up to our necks in people’s profiles. We’re engrossed, in love, and even losing a few days browsing hashtag after hashtag. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to see every other influencer with thousands (and sometimes millions) of followers and what they have to offer. But some fashion bloggers still manage to stand out from the crowd. In addition to blogging about fashion, they also attend fashion shows, engage in fashion journalism, collaborate with fashion brands and do fashion photography for marketing campaigns. And we’re going to talk about that today. So if you are interested in fashion culture and updating, check out the influencers in this article and follow them!

1. Gabi Gregg - OG Fat Girl

Gabi Gregg embarked on this journey to bridge the annoying gap between plus size women. She started a blog about a decade ago to show and pioneer a path that promotes body positivity while being immaculately stylish, vibrant and colourful. Her outfits, like her, are full of life, as is her clothing line, Premme, which caters to plus sizes. She brought what she calls “Fatkini” through collaborations with Playful Promises and Swimsuits and showed us how it’s done. We need more women like her and thanks to social media we can follow her.

The 10 best fashion bloggers to follow this year

2. Lisa Gachet - Make my lemonade

Parisian fashion blogger and DIY queen Lisa Gachet started blogging a few years ago and recently launched a brand that represents something she truly believes in: Do It Yourself Fashion. It’s an intriguing concept of making limited edition clothing that reflects your personality but is affordable. Their brand is unique and their feed is colorful. Follow her for everything and more.

3. Wendy Nguyen - Wendyslookbook

The petite blogger, just over 1.50 meters tall, inspires you in more ways than one. A fashion forward blogger with a passion for people, art, culture and music brings it all together. Wendy wears a lot of hats; She’s a blogger, content creator and juvenile justice advocate who is just as passionate about helping foster children because she understands the struggle, because she was one. From moving into foster care, to earning her psychology degree from UCLA-Berkeley, to being an influencer, she is indeed an inspiration. She believes you can put everything together and make fashion statements that reflect everything. Check out her blog for some much-needed inspiration.

4. Kat Farmer - Does my butt look 40?

At 43, Kat Farmer is a fashion blogger, wardrobe consultant, personal stylist and full of life. In her own words, she’s trying to tackle the ’40s without coming across as dowdy, and her statements are exactly that. There’s an exciting balance of feminine, floral and fashion-forward pieces that redefine style.

5. Lyn Slater - Accidental Icon

Lynn Slater founded Accidental Icon due to the lack of fashion blogs that cater to the needs of women in their 50s, 60s and older. There aren’t many people like her, but you know the world needs more of them. With her snow-white, coiffed hair, this grandmother in her sixties lets herself live and raises the bar, more as if she’s breaking barriers for the right reasons. With floral kimonos, red hot oversized sunglasses and an infectious fashion sense, Lyn Slater believes and shows us time and time again that “Age is only one variable.” Thank you for proving the world wrong, Lyn, your 757K and your growing Fanclub could do it.” I won’t be more grateful.

6. Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha Redhu’s blog is a mixed bag and a treasure trove. From everyday looks to travel posts, lifestyle, beauty tips, event coverage and of course fashion, which remains the constant for all categories – she posts everything. What began with the idea of journaling fashion statements is now Instagrammed 166,000 times and is one of India’s top fashion blogs. If you’re not already following her, make sure you do.

7. Tami Reed - Talking to Tami

Everything about Tami Reed is fascinating. Her personality, aura, wit and humor, fashion sense and everything else caught the attention of big brands in no time. Even before she became a fashion blogger, she had a strong presence on social media. Tami wanted to do something concrete and that’s how it all started. From red carpet consultant to entrepreneur, Tami Reed is a doer! For more inspiration and to keep up with everything that’s happening in fashion in Hollywood or elsewhere, check out her blog.

The 10 best fashion bloggers to follow this year

8. She wears fashion

Kavita Donkersley started She Wears Fashion when she was 16, but she admits it was all a mess and she was just confused, like any 16-year-old would be. However, she stuck with it and discovered her love for fashion and travel with each passing year. And today she has 58,000 (and growing) Instagram followers. It was only with perseverance, lots of hard work and a little bit of luck that she grew up in the industry. She is associated with big brands and is a guest at prestigious events like Coachella etc.

9. Tanesha Awasthi - Girl with curves

Tanesha Awasthi’s blog is honest and relatable to women around the world because wherever we come from, insecurities and looks seem to be the biggest issues in our lives. After all, her story from wanting to fit in to pursuing her passion for fashion doesn’t need to be typecast. From the attitude of her body type to the spread of body positivity to her fashionable demeanor, Tanesha is a real star, the guy we all need, the one in every sense of the word. Follow her for tips, hacks, trends and all things lifestyle, fashion and beauty.

10. Claire Goldsworthy - The fashion advocate

Claire Goldsworthy pops in and is famous for her Instagram handle, “The Fashion Advocate,” and she’s a true expression of it. The Aussie fashion blogger is not your typical average person who blogs about the latest trends. Rather, her style diary, which is her blog, got her thinking about the fast-moving fashion around us and how we’ve forgotten the art of consuming products with values and ethics. She interviews, associates and promotes brands with an ethical and moral bond, as opposed to just the high fashion trends that become obsolete almost instantly. Check out her blog and follow her on Insta, I’m sure she will make you think.

In summary, these 10 fashion bloggers are influential figures in the fashion industry and offer fashion enthusiasts a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. With their unique styles, creative approaches and commitment to body positivity, sustainability and inclusivity, these bloggers are shaping the way we perceive and interact with fashion. Whether you’re looking for outfit ideas, DIY projects, or insight into the latest trends, these bloggers offer valuable perspectives and resources. By following them, you’ll stay on top of the ever-evolving fashion landscape and discover new ways to express your personal style.

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