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The 7 best websites to rent clothes online

The 7 best websites to rent clothes online

First of all, let’s take a moment to stop and say thank you to whoever came up with the idea of renting clothes. It’s both game-changing for the fashion industry and life-changing for all of us. Every time there’s a sangeet or mehendi invite, this season it’s all about themes – and the pressure to look good is mounting! And all for something we only wear once, let a million pictures click and gather dust. On the other hand, there are clothing rental companies online that offer you options in everything from Indian to Western and everything in between at low cost. How cool is that? Let’s look at some of the best online rental options, how to go about it and what they have to offer.

1. Fly coat

Fly Robe is India’s largest fashion rental and celebrities use its clothes. Established three years ago, this Mumbai-based service has expanded its wings to other metropolitan areas and offers everything there is for rent. From clothing, jewellery, accessories to bags and shoes, Fly Robe has everything for men and women. Whether it’s an office party, a suit, formal wear, a dress for a date night, a sangeet or mehendi; designer clothing or couture; Catwalk or boutique collections, Fly Robe has it all tailored for you. They send a professional to take your measurements and alter the dress to fit you like a glove. You can keep it for a few days and when you’re done there’s a pick-up service too. In this complex world, when did it become so easy? I wonder too. But the next time you’re planning something special and don’t have an outfit for it, you know where to go. Not true?

The 7 best websites to rent clothes online

2. Wishlist

Swishlist is all about choosing your dream dress, checking availability, having it delivered to your door and resealing it in the envelope for you to pick up at your door again. If you like something and want it for a future event, add it to your Wishlist and then check back when needed so you don’t miss out. Whether it’s an anarkali for a destination wedding, a bodycon dress for a club date, a dress for a cocktail party or designer clothing for something special, Swishlist has a great collection. Look at it!

3. Wrapped up

Wrapd started the idea of renting clothes about six years ago – but at the time, the whole idea felt absurd and impractical to those around them. It was a brilliant idea, but not many recognized it at the time, so the company revamped their offline store, launched an online fashion store and changed their name; And all while maintaining the original belief. From moving to larger stores in Delhi to opening offices in Jaipur and Hyderabad – while building a large online customer base – Wrapd has come a long way. Wrapd is primarily responsible for weddings and bridal events – for everyone involved. You choose a dress, have it altered if necessary, collect it the day or 48 hours before the event and return it after the event. Viola!

4. Rent a dress

Do you dream of donning a sabyasachi tag? But do you know that it comes with a high price and that’s why we always stash this dream? You don’t have to do that anymore. Thanks to designer rental companies like Rent An Attire, who give you access to a designer for less than a fraction of the cost. If you think why? I say why not? Actually, thank God, we should all make the best of it. In addition, they offer Indo-Western clothing for all kinds of occasions and parties for both men and women. Borrowing and returning their outfits is a fairly straightforward process, so people in Dehradun, Delhi and Pune should beware.

The 7 best websites to rent clothes online

5. Liberant

Plus size, maternity, petite or everything in between, Liberent understands women and their infinite needs. With a variety of handpicked outfits in each category, it has it all. If you need an A-line dress for a maternity photo shoot, a dress for a sangeet or a lehenga for a wedding, Liberent is the next big thing in designer clothing rentals with an ever-growing collection. They are present in all major metropolitan areas of India and all you have to do is find a dress, pick a date, give your measurements and have it delivered. You can also select backup outfits just in case and return them all when you’re done. Dead easy.

6. Stage 3

Stage 3 is a rental service like no other – it started to fill a gap in the market and realized that women needed a service like this. If you fancy Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anju Modi, Manish Malhotra, Ridhi Mehra or any other big name in fashion, you need to step up to Tier 3. From designer clothing rentals to recreating celebrity looks, there is something for all of us. After all, a dream wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean that you own it, but you can still wear it.

7. The clothes rental

The Clothing Rental Company is based in Mumbai and offers customers the opportunity to rent clothes online from their original collections from New York. What started out as a clothing rental for celebrities and big fashion icons opened a shop for everyone. You can visit one of the two branches in Mumbai, make an appointment and the goods will be forwarded from there. In his own words, “spicing up people is their forte” – so we’ll just let them do it and look pretty.

From rent to subscriptions, capsule wardrobes, minimalist closets, recycling and sustainability – they’re all catching up and fashion is moving in a direction we didn’t expect. But we can’t complain, can we? Because change is a good thing; And with options like these, it’s for the best.

In summary, online clothing rental services have revolutionized the way we approach fashion and special occasions. These platforms offer a convenient and affordable solution for those who want to wear high quality designer outfits without committing to the purchase. Whether it’s for a wedding, a party, or a special occasion, these sites offer a wide range of options to suit different styles and preferences. From traditional Indian clothing to western clothing, the choice is huge. By embracing the concept of clothing rental, we can not only save money, but also contribute to sustainability and reduce fashion waste. So the next time you have to attend an event, consider renting clothes from these top online rental sites and enjoy the benefits of a stylish and eco-friendly wardrobe.

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