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The best garment bags for your future trips

The best garment bags for your future trips

Are you an overpacker? Then get the best garment bag and keep everything in place when traveling! Read more about Review Me First!


It’s one thing to put together an exquisite wardrobe. But how about packing it for a trip? A whole new level of difficulty. Unless of course you use a garment bag.


Packing is a breeze with the best garment bags. After all, who has fun folding up clothes for a week and cramming them into your luggage like it’s some terrifying form of Tetris? With the best garment bags, you can transport your beloved suits and dresses halfway around the world and make sure they look just as beautiful as they left the tailor.


They have foldable garment bags that can be used as hand luggage. Hanging garment bags are ideal for storing your jewelry at home. And clothes bags on wheels for driving through airports.


There’s also the convertible duffel garment bag, which is ideal for calming the overpacker in all of us.


It’s time to take a peek into the life-changing — or at least wardrobe-changing — world of garment bags.

The best garment bags for your future trips

Nomatic: Our showstopper

Nomatic has become synonymous with straight-line excellence and the Nomatic garment bag is no exception. It’s the best garment bag on our list, with top marks in our two main garment bag categories: practicality and durability.


This foldable garment bag offers space for three suits or a variety of other garments. Store your watch, ties, cufflinks, belt and all your extras in the accessory compartments. There is also a shoe compartment.


There is a pass-through sleeve that allows you to attach the bag to your suitcase when transiting through the airport. When you go to your accommodation there is a hook to hang your bag.


Finally, the material is both durable and water resistant. So if it rains at your destination, you can rest assured that your clothes will be safe, cozy and dry.


Think of this travel garment bag as your on-the-go wardrobe. It is one of the best suit wearers. It gives any city explorer a flying start, whether you’re traveling to your closest friend’s wedding or an important business meeting abroad.


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Montblanc Sartorial

Montblanc has become synonymous with high-end and high quality, and the Sartorial Garment Bag is an example.


This is the ideal bag for carrying your luxurious outfits whether it is a tailored suit or a ball gown. It comes from the brand’s Sartorial line, which focuses on modern elegance. Therefore, the bag features an elegant black nylon shell with cross-grain leather trimmings.


This garment bag is light as a feather and has two interior zipped compartments for storing accessories such as bow ties, tissues, perfume or underwear.

One of the best suit holdalls, the Sartorial lets you hit the ground running in a wrinkle-free uniform. After all, you heard what they say. A tidy bag is evidence of a tidy mentality.

The best garment bags for your future trips

Zegur suit carry-on

Good suits don’t come cheap. So if you’ve already put a lot of effort into a tailored tuxedo, why not give your wallet a break with this Zegur Suit Carry-On?



Suitable for both men and women, this best-selling garment bag features an internal double buckle to keep garments in place and prevent them from wrinkling in transit.


Then there are plenty of inner zipped pockets for storage and an outer pocket for everything else: paperwork, a tablet or a toothbrush. In addition, this foldable garment bag can be attached to your luggage and fits in most large airline overhead lockers.


Do you need to drive quickly from the airport to the meeting and change in the toilet? This top notch garment bag, which is also a fantastic bargain on the price, will make you look like a real pro.

Modok convertible

Some travelers value efficiency and speed. They are usually the first to go through security, the first to board and disembark the aircraft, and the first to arrive at the other end of the arrivals hall. If you need to get somewhere quickly, traveling with hand luggage only is a matter of course. And the best carry-on garment bag for this purpose is the Modoker Convertible Garment Bag.


This convertible carry-on bag doubles as a 45L holdall and clothing holdall. Pack your suit or dress flat in the bag. Then turn it into a holdall to store extra items. Your shoes are neatly tucked away at one end.


This bag is made of water-resistant, scratch-resistant and tear-resistant material, so you are prepared for anything. The detachable shoulder strap allows you to sling it over your shoulder or place it on top of your bag for extra easy carrying.

Swiss Gear Premium Rolling

Do you travel regularly for work? Or are you a frequent traveller? In any case, you must transfer your business or holiday attire in one piece. Consider SwissGear’s Rolling Garment Bag, which combines the benefits of a suitcase with the best of suit bags.

The wheels allow you to move quickly through the airport or local roads while maintaining maximum maneuverability. And you can fit as much clothing in it as you would in a regular suitcase: jackets, shirts, shoes and any other necessities like a water bottle or headphones.


Don’t worry if you arrive at the end and find a crammed mess inside. Tension straps on this bag keep everything tight and secure. In other words: there are no wrinkles or creases.


The backpack unfolds into four sections, each with additional zipped compartments, a shoe compartment and a wet bag for additional supplies. Then there is the detachable garment bag that you can hang in your hotel closet.

Whether you’re transporting a dress from the last Paris fashion week or your most valuable suit, this suit case will keep everything neat, tidy and safe. This is both a women’s dress bag and a men’s suit bag.

The best garment bags for your future trips

UNIQUEBELLA hand luggage

Whether you’re traveling to international headquarters for an important client meeting or flying in for a friend’s extravagant birthday party, the same adage applies: it’s better to pack too much than too little.


Finally, drinks and dinner can be enjoyed after the meeting. You must be prepared for all eventualities. Essentially, you want the Garment Duffel from UNIQUEBELLA.


It’s difficult to fit everything well into a typical duffel bag. When moving, everything is crumpled. This 45 liter holdall, on the other hand, expands into a garment bag for neatly storing suits and dresses.


When you fold it up, you have a shoe compartment on the left side, as well as additional internal compartments for accessories and two external pockets for quick access to everything else. In addition, the material is scratch-resistant and water-resistant.


Whether it’s a business meeting, formal wear or any other occasion where you want to look neat and professional, this garment bag can accommodate all your needs and eliminates the need for ironing.

Travelpro Platinum Elite Rolling

Is overpacking your biggest vice? You can’t leave the house until you have clothes for every imaginable weather condition and social occasion. We understand.


The largest garment bag on our list, the Travelpro Platinum garment bag is great for people who seem to be living out of a suitcase between job interviews, meetings and leisure trips.


Store your suits, robes or other formal wear in the two oversized internal pockets, where the padded roll bar prevents wrinkles from forming. Inside there are additional compartments for accessories and underwear, as well as external pockets for your computer, tablet and other travel essentials.


It’s one of the best rolling garment bags as it’s made from tough nylon and has damage-resistant zippers so it can take a little wear and tear. TSA officers can lock and unlock an integrated lock for inspection. You can also choose between leather handles or adjustable and extendable handles for carrying.

Whether it’s a business meeting or a vacation, this bag is ideal, offering maximum portability, premium clothing protection and enough space to keep even the busy packers out there happy.


Is there anything better than leaving work on a Friday and taking a taxi to the airport? Or are you preparing for a fun weekend getaway?


But the question is, which bag should I bring? We believe that the solution is self-evident. This is the NEWHEY garment bag. A garment bag that reinterprets the term “multifunctional”. It functions as a duffel bag, carry-on bag, holdall, holdall and garment bag all in one.


The main bag has a capacity of 55 liters. That’s roughly equivalent to five days’ worth of clothing and supplies. You can keep your beautiful dress wrinkle-free by storing it in the spacious zipped compartment. There are also additional pockets for accessories, valuables and make-up.


Two other plus points are the waterproof and tear-resistant material and the odor-proof and waterproof shoe compartment.


No more hanging your suit or dress in the hotel shower and waiting for the wrinkles to miraculously disappear. This backpack will transform you into the cool and calm high achiever you’re meant to be, wherever your weekend takes you.

Tom Ford garment bag

This Tom Ford garment bag is not made entirely of leather. It simply has leather accents. However, you don’t want a garment bag that’s made entirely of leather. When not in use, it is too stiff and cumbersome to store.



Instead, this garment bag is made from durable and high-quality canvas with leather detailing and a gold Tom Ford emblem, offering all the high fashion touches you could wish for. It is a wonderful example of understated elegance in simple and understated black.


This stylish garment bag features four shirt compartments and two zipped compartments for organization, as well as a two-way zip for quick access.


You must dress appropriately for any occasion, be it a party away from home or an interview in a new location. This Tom Ford garment bag is perfect for keeping your formal attire flat, clean and wrinkle-free. Quickly and easily pack everything, board the airline, check in at the hotel and put on your evening wear – all without hassle.

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