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The most popular sneakers from the eighties

The most popular sneakers from the eighties

Sneakers are back, thanks to the fashion industry’s recent obsession with the ’80s. The most popular sneakers of the 80s return to stores. The coveted old-school sneakers look cool and trendy and have a young vibe that draws everyone’s attention. From walking the streets to attending music festivals, parties and other social galas, sneakers are the best shoes for every woman.


Sneakers are the iconic shoe style that became a staple of streetwear and punk lifestyle in the 80s. They have multi-layered soles and come in a variety of colors and designs. Say goodbye to traditional shoes and make room for these retro beauties! As the ultimate reminiscence of the 80s, all these rare and limited sneakers are real eye-catchers. Check out these popular ’80s sneakers that still make you look good today. Scroll down!

The most popular sneakers from the eighties

1. Diadora sneakers from the 80s

This Italian shoe brand makes sure sneaker freaks get weak in the knees. Everything about Diadora speaks to its vintage history. Diadora sneakers are a matter of taste. These Italian sneaker babes will look gorgeous with a pair of crisp chinos and a baggy sweater.

2.Adidas Continental 80

As you may already know, Adidas is an all-time cult sneaker brand that has pushed all possible style boundaries. The Adidas Continental 80 sneakers are affordable, chic and famous as hell. These sneakers reveal more about you and your sense of style than any other fashion item. Adidas Continental 80s can be worn with simple plaid trousers and fun polo t-shirts. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wears them just right with her gym gear.

3. Reebok Club C 85

The Reebok Club C 85 sneakers are unique for all your sporty and adventurous endeavors. These sneakers are classic pieces from the 80s era that have now become a popular must-have for many sneakerheads. They are not overpriced, suitably durable and can easily be used on adventure trips such as trekking, climbing and running.

4. Adidas high-top sneakers from the 80s

Adidas is known for making an impact on the fashion world every time they launch a new product. And what better way to do that than to bring back her iconic pair of ’80s sneakers. These sneakers belong to every elite fashion icon out there. Take a peek at any street style gallery and you’ll find a pair of gorgeous Adidas high-top sneakers staring straight at you. From Kate Moss in the 1980s to Victoria Beckham in 2019, these sneakers are loved by fashion icons around the world.

5. Balloon sneakers from the 80s

It’s no news that women in the fashion industry are turning to sneakers for their style and comfort. Gone are the days when women only wore high heels and stilettos. Compared to other sneakers, balloon sneakers appear more feminine. World famous fashion brand Victoria’s Secret has also shown a great fondness for balloon sneakers. They look soft, pretty and elegant.

The most popular sneakers from the eighties

6. Kangaroo sneakers from the 80s

Kangaroo sneakers are considered the best pair of casual shoes. They are not overdone or loud, but at the same time they draw everyone’s eyes and attention. Kangaroo sneakers were all the rage in the ’80s. Lately women in the modeling world like Gigi Hadid are wearing these sneakers and damn do we love them!

7. Adidas Superstar sneakers

The Adidas Superstar sneakers are on everyone’s lips these days. These sneakers are a huge hit in the fashion industry and are selling like hot cakes. Many fashionistas rely on Adidas Superstar sneakers to upgrade their outfits. They round off your outfit with a stylish and chic flair. This pair of sneakers is definitely a must-have for your basic street style outfits.

8. White 80s sneakers

The white sneaker trend isn’t going away anytime soon. From bloggers to students to fashion icons, everyone swears by white sneakers. They literally go with all your outfits. You can pair them with crop tops and shorts, floral dresses, kimonos, dungarees, ripped jeans and everything there is. They look absolutely stunning and are usually super comfortable. White sneakers are a safe bet when you want to keep things basic but still make a fashion statement.

The most popular sneakers from the eighties

9. Punky Brewster sneakers from the 80s

Not many people swear by these sneakers worn by Punky Brewster, the 80’s TV series character. They may look strange, but they are very practical. Some choose this pair of sneakers to workout while others wear them to run errands. They not only make a fashion statement, but are also excellent for your everyday tasks.


Who doesn’t have a pair of sneakers on their shoe rack? Sneakers have become a must to upgrade any outfit. From the 80s to the 21st century, the demand for cool and affordable sneakers has always increased. From the neighbor to world stars like Kendall Jenner or the Princess of Wales, almost every woman wears these classic sneaker styles.

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