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The subtle art of bringing classic clothing style to the point

The subtle art of bringing classic clothing style to the point

Elegance is a lifestyle choice that is reflected in your taste in clothing. If you want to know how to dress stylishly, you’ve landed on the right page. Your clothes visually reflect your state of mind and there are different ways to style your clothes. From accessorizing your monochromatic dresses to pairing them with the right shoes, a lot of thought goes into creating a dressy look.


But honestly, you can’t call one outfit elegant and outdo others. If you know how to pull off a shimmery dress with confidence, then that’s awesome! In this article, we discuss how to mix and match your minimal and understated pieces into a classy look.

1. Know your body type

Let’s take it from above. Each Styling 101 list begins by identifying your body type. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Do you often imagine yourself looking a certain way and end up looking the opposite? You may be investing in clothes that don’t fit your figure. Be realistic in your decisions. Start by figuring out your body type and what suits it. It’s failsafe!

The subtle art of bringing classic clothing style to the point

2. Understand your personal style

Let’s go back to where we started. Has an outfit ever looked different than you imagined when you bought it? As far as you know, this was an impulse buy and not something you would naturally choose for yourself. It’s important to know your personal style and to wear clothes that define your personality. Imagine the first 15 minutes of getting ready for work or a party. Do you keep putting away a few items of clothing without ever wearing them? Then it looks like you bought them on a whim. You have to go straight out the window, and this exercise will help point you in the right direction with every purchase.

3. Invest in classic and timeless pieces

Invest in classic and timeless pieces. Opt for evergreen fabrics and quality clothing. When buying, pay attention to your personal style and body type. leather jackets. A little black dress. A trench coat. White shirts. A pair of well-fitting jeans (at least). denim jackets. Cashmere sweaters, stoles, cardigans or sweaters. Crew neck t-shirts. Plain t-shirts. One Piece Dresses. We’re not even talking about expensive or luxury brands, just good quality that doesn’t go out of style. You can combine them with current trends while keeping the classic vibe. After all, classic is stylish. What good is a shirt if it doesn’t feel good? It depends on the fabric. High-quality, natural fabrics such as silk and cotton are timeless, elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication to your look. Opt for natural fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, leather and suede as well as high-quality synthetic fabrics such as elastane and viscose. There’s nothing worse than getting a rash after wearing new clothes – and it’s more common than you think! When you invest in clothing, invest in quality fabrics that will last forever.

4. Minimal. Subtle. Mild

You can wear a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, a pair of converse shoes and a messy bun and still look classy. You can wear an LBD, heels, red lipstick, a bun, or a clutch and—you guessed it—still look classy. You can wear a white linen dress, dainty jewelry, ballet flats, high bangs, and nude makeup, and stick to the textbook definition of class.

5. Neutral Color Palette - Ride On It

Experts suggest a holistic approach to building a wardrobe. Opt for muted pastels, neutrals and earth tones. Take a close look at your wardrobe. If you see too many flashy prints, unnecessary cuts or layering, be aware that these could get in the way of a stylish outfit.

6. Bet on black

Black is everyone’s favorite for more reasons than we care to admit. All-black outfits, or outfits that are as black as possible, are free passes for dressy attire. Play with layers, spice up your outfit with exquisite jewelery or statement accessories, or cozy up with shoes and a handbag. You can wear a simple black t-shirt and pants, a little black dress (we’ll keep coming back to this) or a long dress and dress smart or casual to accentuate the classic look.

The subtle art of bringing classic clothing style to the point

7. Meaningful monochromes

Monochrome is more than just the literal meaning of dressing in one color from head to toe. The idea is to create a silhouette. You can combine shades of the same color – light shades with dark shades, different tones and the ombre effect are some ways to achieve this. Grey, navy, black, pastel and powder colors are exciting options for perfect monochromatic outfits. It’s a classic signature style.

8. Fit says "Forget-me-nots."

Your clothes must fit you well. They must not be too tight or too loose. While wearing oversized clothing is stylish, it doesn’t invite you to look sloppy. Form-fitting clothing looks great, but avoid revealing or tight fits. There’s nothing flattering about them. Stick to structures and play with patterns. Swing with the silhouettes and flow with the torch. A good fit is the sum of everything. The result is a classy outfit.

9. Clean up, be brutal

Don’t hold onto pieces that don’t see the light of day or that don’t fit your personality or style, especially if you’re going into a more classic style of clothing. Familiarize yourself with your wardrobe, take a good look at it and declutter anything you haven’t worn in the last three months. This way you avoid impulse purchases. A capsule wardrobe can be much more functional, classy and chic than an unnecessarily crowded closet.

10. Hair and makeup are important

A sleek bun or ponytail with a body suit. A messy bun with a dress. A chignon updo for summer. No makeup makeup look for work. Smokey eyes for special occasions. A dewy base for the minimalist in you. Red lipstick for everything else. But like everything else, this story has a “but”.


Hair and makeup are a double-edged sword. They round off a classy outfit perfectly, but can ruin it just as powerfully. Too much color, shine or shimmer and no balance can ruin it all. Danger.

11. Ace The Accessory Game

Accessorizing is an art. Wearing the right things at the right time isn’t as easy as it looks. The talent to add just enough to your outfit takes skill. It must be neither too much nor too little. Classic clothing resembles minimalist clothing without being too boring. When you cover your ears, you leave your neck uncovered, or vice versa. A statement finger ring paired with a classic tote bag is another great option. Sandals, boots, pumps or oxfords – wear whatever your “classy” boot rocks.

12. Reinforce the good parts

Choose a part of the outfit and let it shine. Checkered trousers with a covered top. A sequined bodice with a cute skirt. A silk blouse with a pencil skirt. Tapered jeans with a white shirt. A wrap-around dress with pumps. The idea is to upgrade a good part of the outfit.

The subtle art of bringing classic clothing style to the point

13. Nails to the point

We’re not telling you to spend hundreds of dollars on a manicure/pedicure every month, but clean nails make a world of difference. Keep your nails clean, trimmed and preferably manicured. It’s an investment we all need.

14. The devil is in the details

Think about the details of your outfit in advance. Always. Every little detail counts, because classic clothing is pretty minimalist and you can’t miss any detail.

15. Nothing exaggerated, please!

Wearing high-end brands is fine. Owning her is great. It’s also okay to want to buy more. But none of that defines truly classy dressing. Also, avoid over-the-top branding, over-the-top bling, and more than one flashy print throughout the outfit. Instead, invest in signature or classy pieces from your favorite luxury brands. Underplaying is the etiquette to follow if you want to dress classy.

In summary, elevating classic style is about embracing minimalism, investing in timeless pieces and paying attention to fit, color palette and details. Knowing your body type and personal style is crucial to putting together a wardrobe that reflects your elegance and sophistication. Classic and evergreen fabrics such as silk, cotton and wool can enhance your look and add a touch of luxury. The use of monochromatic outfits, especially neutral colors, will create a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Focus on well-fitting clothes and declutter your wardrobe to maintain a consistent and sophisticated style. Hair, makeup and accessories should complement your outfit without overwhelming it. Attention to detail and avoiding excessive branding or flashy prints are key to a truly classy look. Remember: Elegance lies in simplicity and understated beauty.

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